Tama TAMA SU42RSSPM 50th Limited Superstar Reissue 4-piece shell pack with 22" bass drum - Super Maple

Manufacturer Part #:  SU42RSASPM
Overview of TAMA SU42RSSPM 50th Limited Superstar Reissue 4-piece shell pack with 22" bass drum - Super Maple Released just 2 years after TAMA brand birth, Superstar drums were an important product development, signifying TAMA’s entry into professional-level sounding and performing drums. Known for their powerful, dynamic sound and sturdy performance, the Superstar series laid pivotal groundwork for the future of TAMA's high-level drums. Now, the original Superstar drums have been revived as a Limited Edition model to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of TAMA Drums. Superstar was the world's first drum kit to utilize an all-Birch shell, producing the perfect sound for the emerging genres of the time - a sound that captivated the top drummers around the world. The groundbreaking 9mm/6-ply shell design was crucial to Superstar's monumental success. Thicker than modern drums, these shells achieved powerful attack, fat body, and deep low end. To honor TAMA's 50th Anniversary, these reproduction drums are built with the original all-Birch 6-ply/9mm shell formula – down to replicating the specific shell interior finish – to deliver a sound faithful to the original Superstars. All drums include original design badges and lugs, tom brackets, and Remo Coated Ambassador batter/resonant drumheads (with commemorative-designed Superstar logos) and triple-flanged hoops. Modern TAMA build specifications include bass drum spurs and MTH800 Tom Holder. The shell kit configuration is mostly original sizes, but with a modern twist – 22”x14”BD, 10”x8” (modern size twist) tom, 12”x8” tom and 16”x16”FT. Available in 4 popular original colors: Aqua Marine, Cherry Wine, Super Mahogany, and Super Maple, all with matching bass drum hoops. After 50 years, TAMA celebrates the kit that set the first professional standard for the TAMA brand - Superstar Reissue. Limited to market availability in 2024. A Carton: 22"x14"BD, 10"x8"TT, 16"x16"FT / B Carton: 12"x8"TT, MTH800 Double Tom Holder 9mm 6ply All Birch Shell Original Superstar Badge Original Superstar Lug TAMA/REMO® Ambassador Coated Batter/Resonant Drum Heads REMO® Ambassador Coated Bass Drum Front Head with Vintage TAMA Logo Classic Superstar Lacquer Finish Matching Painted Interior Shell Finish Regular Tom Tom and Traditinal 14"" Bass Drum Shell Depth

Super Maple

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Manufacturer Part #:  SU42RSASPM
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