Boss BOSS Waza Craft Analog Fuzz Effects Pedal

Manufacturer Part #:  FZ1W
Redefined Vintage Fuzz and versatile modern tones, brought together with Waza craftsmanship. Fuzz was the first type of distortion pedal, and the retro sound of vintage units from the 1960s remains coveted by guitarists to this day. Realized through deep analysis of many legendary pedals and detailed Waza craftsmanship, the all-analog FZ-1W delivers the inspiring tone, feel, and vibe of classic fuzz in a reliable modern design. And like all Waza Craft pedals, the FZ-1W features premium components for top-quality performance and extended range for maximum tonal versatility. Vintage Mode - Classic Fuzz, Wider Expression With the FZ-1W's Vintage mode, BOSS has redefined the classic fuzz voice with more gain and wider expressive range. The sound character is raspy and assertive without being harsh, and you can smoothly transition from heavy fuzz to crunch to crystal clean simply by riding your guitars volume. The powerful Tone knob simultaneously adjusts the high and low frequencies, allowing you to dial in a variety of different fuzz colours. And by turning down the Fuzz knob and cranking the Level, the FZ-1W works great as a boost for your amp and other gain pedals. Modern Mode - Fat and Focused Modern mode delivers a more refined and versatile fuzz voice with focused midrange and fatter tone, making it ideal for all types of current music styles. The gain range is even wider than Vintage mode, and cranking the Fuzz knob past three o'clock conjures rich, singing sustain for inspired solo playing. The Tone knob offers a different tuning that lets you tweak the brightness without altering the midrange, ensuring your sound always cuts through. And when used as a boost, Modern mode dishes a heap of girth with rich, mid-driven character. Features • Premium Waza Craft pedal for the ultimate BOSS tone experience • Redefined fuzz sounds that combine classic tone and response with modern versatility and stability, realized through BOSS Waza innovation • Vintage mode delivers a retro fuzz experience with aggressive tone, dynamic touch response, and extreme sensitivity to input volume • Modern mode provides a fatter sound and more mid focus to suit a wider range of music styles • Powerful Tone knob provides deep sound-shaping control tuned for each mode • Consistent sound and reliable performance with silicon transistor circuitry • High-quality buffer for clean and clear tone when bypassed • BOSS five-year warranty


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Manufacturer Part #:  FZ1W
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